How to get a job in your mid twenties

Ah the age old struggle between man versus... well, other men. You’ll toy with the idea of having a life plan, but realistically you need a job. End of. You have to find a way to financially support your high-end coffee addiction, not to mention those shoes that have been in your online shopping basket for weeks just waiting for your next pay day.

So, here it is, the easy step-by-step guide to completing life and getting the job of your dreams before you’re 30. Are you ready?

Step 1:

- Figure out what you want to do.

(....ah crap.)

Step 2: (if you’ve got this far you’re doing brilliantly)

- Indeed. In other words, one of the most handy websites you will ever use in your life. Don’t limit yourself to a location or a title, there is soooo much random shit out there that you wouldn’t believe until you find it.

- Also LinkedIn. Any opportunity to get your cv out there for people to see.

Step 3:

- Email. Everybody.

If they are in your industry, and they have an email address, send it, send it now. You never know if you don’t ask, and everyone has connections, so you don’t know where it might lead you. (I mean, don’t take it too far and start harassing people though, be cool man)

Step 4:

(oh wait I’ve not got this far yet) watch this space and stay tuned for more...... we got this.