Hi, my name is Lydia and I am a freelance photographer based in Derbyshire.


I have graduated with a BA (Hons) Photography degree at University of South Wales. I had also previously studied an Art and Design Foundation Diploma at Chesterfield College. 


My interests in photography started from a young age with an interest in landscapes, and I always wanted to capture the beauty of the places around us. However, as my skills and knowledge about photography progressed I began to develop a fascination with people. The way in which they move, the way they behave and react to everyday social situations. This is the type of photography that interests me the most; natural things, people in their natural habitat going about their daily lives completely oblivious that someone is documenting what they do. Different cultures and environments are fascinating to me, which is why travel is an important part in my work. I will never stop taking landscape photos whilst exploring new places.

Having worked in Greece as a photographer for CE Photo, I developed my skills in action and portrait photography. I spent time capturing pure moments as well as constructing family portraits to make the most of different backgrounds and natural lighting.