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Hi, my name is Lydia, a freelance portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Cardiff. A graduate with Honours from the University of South Wales. I have spent several years working in tourist resorts overseas, capturing unscripted shots of our guests at their most unguarded, and immortalising them in images.


My passion for photography started from a young age, in fact I remember asking for my first camera for Christmas aged 7. Landscapes are a particular love of mine, capturing the inherent beauty in the world around us and being able to share those places and your own unique perspective with others.


“It’s a special moment when you can show someone how beautiful they are”


There’s a special joy to be had in preserving and presenting a perfect impression of someone back to them. Perfected from hundreds of photoshoots on resorts, I work with my models to ensure they’re comfortable in front of the camera, so together we can capture their essence.


As I have progressed through my photography career, I have developed a keen interest in observing how people move through and interact with their environments in their everyday lives. A simple interaction between strangers at a bus stop hides levels of nuance and unspoken cues that are easily missed in real time, but can be caught on camera and made clear. It's this level of detail, of capturing a split second in time that makes photography so fascinating.


This is compounded when you begin to explore cultures hailing from all over the globe. I believe that you can begin to understand a culture by photographing its people, unguarded and in their natural environment. This is why travel is a key facet of my work, I developed the travel bug in my teens and I am now constantly planning my next adventure. Travelling, camera in hand, exploring new places? That’s where I want to be.


"Thank you so much for the pictures. They're so good!

Really nice and it made the big difference!"

                                                                         Rae Gashi, Founder of Patisserie Rae

03 August 16-42-41 LYDIA.jpg
09 March 17-04-19 LYDIA.jpg

"The shoot was super fun and relaxed! Lydia did an amazing job at instantly making me feel comfortable - I enjoyed every minute and was reluctant for the experience to end. Did I mention FUN?!"


                     Kelly Gumbley, Model and Freelance Journalist

"I had a great time!

Genuinely think this is up there in one of the best photoshoots I've ever had"

                                                                         Jared Campbell, Model

13 November 18-40-08 LYDIA.jpg
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