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Creativity in Chaos

So, we've all heard what's going on in the world at the moment, in fact we all can't stop talking about it. If you haven't a thing that can only mean that you're living under a rock, which is actually probably the best place that you can be right about now.

I want to talk about how we should be using this time for self improvement and to help others to keep that positive attitude. Creativity is an important thing in the world anyway, but even more so at a time like this. The world needs creatives to shine bright and light up the negativity and the unknown. Whether it be through art, photography, textiles, baking, writing, music... whatever. It's work like this that keeps the world spinning and it is literally all around us. Everything we read, everything picture we see, every item we use has been designed and orchestrated by someone.

Not only do you have plenty of time now to practice and perfect your chosen skill. It's important that we share this creativity with others, to bring them joy and to inspire. There's so much uncertainty looming, and fear and anxiety surrounding us all. We don't know how this is going to turn, and we can't be sure the enormity of the impact this will make on our world and our lives.

During my isolation I have retreated to baking, although I cannot find flour ANYWHERE, meaning lots of flapjack and chocolate crispies (If anyone has any other non-flour recipes, please send em my way). Drawing, dig out the old pens and art books people. I realised how my art skills have completely diminished since school. And finally I snook out to take some photos before we went on full on lockdown. But that doesn't mean you can't take photos from inside, be imaginative, be inventive, play with light and compositions, you might be surprised with what you can come up with. If there's something you've always wanted to try, now's the time to do it.

Utilise this time for self improvement. Be productive. Be positive. And Create.



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